Friday, June 25, 2010

Mens Designer Jumpers - Perfect For Late Summer Evenings

In spite of the recent great weather we have been having here in the UK, its hard to believe that we have already passed the longest day and the nights will soon start drawing in faster and faster. While the evenings in later summer in the UK are often a great time to spend time outside having BBQs with friends, sitting in beer gardens having a pint, or watching the opening fixtures at the start of the new football season in August, before long you’ll start to feel the temperatures getting a little cooler.

For this reason, you will obviously be looking for a different choice of men’s clothing to wear as temperatures get cooler. Luckily, there are some fantastic men’s designer jumpers available on the market at the moment - which are perfect for evenings when the mercury level starts to drop. Lyle and Scott of course have a fantastic selection of thin v neck jumpers and cardigans available at the moment, which are great for this time of year. But there are also some great men’s designer jumpers from the likes of G-Star, Original Penguin, Luke 1977, Armani and many other great designer names which will make you look the part.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Official Lyle & Scott Website Offering Discount Sale

If for some strange reason you have yet to hear all about the massive impact of Lyle and Scott as a market leader in men’s designer clothing in recent times (if for example perhaps you have been hiding under a very large rock for the last 2 years) then here is some really great news for you! The Lyle and Scott brand’s official website is currently selling a large and varied number of items from their menswear range at discounted prices ranging from 30% to as much as 50% off the RRP (thus giving you a chance to get a few bargains in your wardrobe this summer).

For this reason I’m guessing now could be a good time for you to muscle your way in on a bargain piece of designer clothing from one of the UK’s top brands that has been around the block a few times but still remained very much at the forefront of men’s fashion for around 130 years now. They have Lyle and Scott polo shirts, jumpers and jackets all available at discount rates so if interested in Lyle and Scott clothing its well worth you taking a look here to see what they have to offer in their sale range online now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Get a Classic Retro Style with Mens Gola Bags

If you are looking for a stylish retro look then Gola are one of the brands that has really begun to stand out in the world of men’s designer clothing. The brand has reinvented itself over the last few years, building its name up as a leader in "old skool" retro fashion. Their stylish range of men’s leather Gola bags are a great addition to any one wardrobe – but will prove particularly popular with any stylish gentlemen who is looking to achieve a classic, yet somewhat contemporary look.

The single sturdily strapped bags offer a good degree of practicality and volume for an item of fashion wear, but also maintain their cool style that fits in perfectly alongside other retro designer menswear. Easily thrown over the shoulder they are great for the stylish student looking to carry their books, or for packing in some files on the way to work. However you use them, there is little doubt that Gola have unveiled a little retro gem with their latest range of men's bags.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mens Lyle and Scott Pumps - Great Footwear for Summer 2010

As you will most likely have already noticed, plimsolls are very much back in style for fashionable men in a very big way this summer. Perfect for the summer season, these lightweight and comfortable items of men’s footwear offer up a great retro style all of their own that has often been imitated but never improved upon. Now, if you are a big fan of plimsolls then there is some great news for you that should be picked up on immediately. Leading name in men’s fashion Lyle and Scott have released their own great range of Lyle and Scott pumps as part of their summer 2010 menswear range.

These great items of men’s footwear quite simply look fantastic and can be easily matched up with either a nice pair of shorts in the warmer weather here in England or alternatively during your holiday - or just as easily put together alongside a great pair of dark coloured men’s jeans - such as a pair of nudie raw denim jeans. If well looked after, these Lyle and Scott pumps are sure to give you great value for money - as they come in at a much more affordable price than many other men’s designer trainers that are on the market at the moment. So why not set yourself up for summer with a great pair of these fantastic Lyle and Scott plimsolls.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Buy Great Polo Shirts From The Lyle & Scott Vintage Range

Let’s face it. Lyle & Scott polos are pretty much THE polo shirt to be seen in at the moment whether you are the cool and casual man about town or relaxing on a holiday in some far off sunny destination. Seemingly the perfect all rounder, the famous brand’s golden eagle branded vintage polo shirt range has undoubtedly been a massive commercial and social hit in the world of mens fashion, as hundreds of hard working blokes across the UK have parted with their cash in order to snap up these cool and classily styled polos in their droves.

The shirts are of course a thing of great comfort and fit as well as the popularity of the brand, and come with a relatively affordable price tag. The brand seems to be one that has bounced back massively in the last few years having previously seen its initial heights of popularity in mens fashion in years gone by. Grab yourself one of these great polo shirts today and you will soon see the quality of the product as well as the recognition of the Lyle and Scott brand name and crest.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Adidas Originals Still Top of Men’s Retro Trainer Market

When we think of men’s trainer brands then there is still one clear leader of the pack when it comes to ranges of not only athletic footwear but also fashion trainers - and that surely has to be Adidas. The great brand we all know and love remain affordable and accessible to men across the UK, and the brand proudly sports a number of trainer designs that are seemingly timeless in their popularity - continuing to sell thousands of pairs in stores across the country. My personal favourites all fall under the brands Adidas Originals range. Adidas Originals are perhaps a step up from some of the more commonplace trainer designs but are far more affordable than the high end recent Adidas Y3 models.

Adidas Originals trainers present a style that proudly draws upon on a number of classic retro elements but seeks to simultaneously keep in touch with the more contemporary and up to date feel you would always expect from the worlds leading men’s trainer designer and manufacturer. Widely available from online stores or equally so on the high street, in the Originals range Adidas have kept going the endearing qualities that made the brand what it is today without looking old fashioned - thus creating a quality designer trainer that is not only affordable but stylish too.

Nudie Still Leading Way in Men’s Raw Denim Jeans

When it comes to men’s jeans at the moment there is little doubt that Nudie are coming still regularly coming up with the goods on a consistent basis in terms of not only quality of materials, but also in terms of stylish design and comfort of fit. The brand have edged there way into becoming one of the fashion industries best when it comes to delivering quality and innovative men’s jeans in a range of fits to suit your own personal styles and tastes. From the brands slim fit “Long John” shape, to the various boot cut designs to the more relaxed “Fast Feddy” and “Easy Emil” fits, Nudie jeans have clearly put some great thought into their latest men’s jeans range.

Sourcing denim from across the world in locations ranging from the USA to Japan, to Turkey and Italy, Nudie have brought all the elements together into their product to find well fitting, comfortable and extremely high fashion men’s clothing. The brand’s raw denim range in particular, has proved to be excellent sellers in the UK, worn by a range of subcultures and styles from the football terraces to the indie scene. Nudie jeans have settled themselves in the last 12 months as one of the best manufactures of mens designer jeans in the UK at the moment.