Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Timeless Style in Retro Men’s Designer Trainers

When it comes to the world of men’s footwear and designer trainers in particular, retro styles from some of the world’s best known and established brand names still lead the way in terms of style, availability and price. Models such as Adidas’ Campus, Adidas Superstar and Adidas Stan Smith seem to have been around for literally years now (in the former’s case even decades) in one form or another, but you simply can not deny that these designer trainers for men are as important icons in men's fashion and remain relevant and in demand now perhaps more than they ever have.

Adidas have indeed launched the entire Adidas Originals range that has found such success over the last few years on the back of the widespread popularity and demand of retro fashion lines, and therefore found great success in the designer trainer market by bringing out a number of contemporary versions of these classic trainer models. Check out my designer fashion blog for other great posts about Adidas retro trainers.

Cute and Stylish: Designer Clothing for Kids

If you want to find some clothes to make your little one to look both extremely cool and adorably cute all in one, then what better way than to dress them up in these brilliant little examples of kids designer wear – clothing lines that are sure to make them look cool and stand out from the rest of the crowd – just like their Dad! Whether were talking babies, to toddlers to school kids, many of the worlds top designer names are now looking to expand their horizons in terms of audience for their fashion garments.

You may have not been aware, but many of the worlds top designer brands - including Stone Island, Armani, Diesel and Burberry to name just a few - are now making designer clothing ranges especially aimed at younger generations of kids, and as you would expect they are still coming up with many great cutting edge designs and quality fabrics, but this time they are aimed at some somewhat smaller bodies! So if you are looking for big brand names but from smaller individuals then why not kit your little sprogg out in some of these great examples of high quality designer clothing from the worlds leading fashion names.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrating 20 Years of the Iconic CP Company Goggle Jacket

As any football going lad will know, the CP Company have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing stylish yet rugged terrace wear for over two decades, and surely few garments of men’s designer clothing epitomise the CP company brand to a greater degree than their infamous goggle jackets. The perfect outer garment for the loveable rogue, this famous design of CP Company jacket celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2009, with a special edition release celebrating its nigh on iconic status in the world of not only men’s designer clothing, but also its origins in racing wear and more contemporary role in the arena of football fashion.

The so called “Mille Miglia” jacket or “thousand miles” jacket first emerged as a gift created by the CP Company in association with their sponsorship of the famous Italian road race of the same name. Today there is no doubting that the jacket has come a long way since its initial conception by the great designer Massimo Osti - firmly taking its place as an iconic garment in the world of football fashion. Drawing on classic design elements that made the CP company goggle jacket so great and putting this alongside super high quality modern materials, the 20th anniversary edition of the jacket designed by Aitor Throup has become arguably the greatest incarnation of this stunning piece of men’s designer clothing.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Buy Brilliant Mens Designer Jeans from Edwins

In the world of men’s fashion in 2010 for me there are 2 major labels that have stood out when it comes to men’s designer jeans. In the recent past you may have noticed that I have already sang the praises of nudie jeans here on my men’s designer clothing blog - as my love for their fantastic quality materials, fit and highly comfortable denim lines is certainly not to be understated. I would also highly recommend however the Edwins range of designer jeans for men. These fantastic jeans are made from high quality Japanese denim which has been integral to many designer brands’ fantastic fashion lines in 2010.

Edwins jeans as you would expect feature an excellent range of washes, finishes, fits and styles that give a great variety of products suitable to be worked into any modern or even retro look. Whether you go for my personal favourites the “Hidetora wash” jeans- which feature the textured 3d wear lines on the high quality raw and unwashed denim, or perhaps you prefer the more distressed “Jiro Wash” - which shows off innovative abrasions to the garment and features a mid wash finish. Whatever your personal preference in fit and finish in your jeans you will surely be delighted at the quite stunning range of men’s designer clothing that Edwins have produced this year.