Friday, December 16, 2016

British Heritage Style with Shackleton Winter Coats

With the depths of the British winter now firmly upon us, the discerning man’s choice of clothing begins to head towards the practical – whilst still of course looking to maintain a high degree of style. Warm, waterproof outwear and comfortable yet stylish knits are a must for any man’s wardrobe during the colder months, and few brand’s offerings come more practical and stylish at this time of year than Shackleton’s range of men’s coats.

Taking their inspiration from the great early 20th century British explorer Sir Earnest Shackleton, the brand’s garments look to live up to their namesake in offering superior protection from the elements – but with lines more fitting to the 21st century man. The quality and style of their range stand out from the crowd of other men’s winter outerwear available at the moment, and pay a fitting tribute to the inspirational Antarctic explorer of yesteryear.

Offering a range of options in all the essential men’s winter styles; from a warming parka to the smarter box jackets and peacoats perfect for the man about town, Shackleton have hit all the right notes when you think of British heritage style in their 2016 winter coats collection.