Saturday, October 23, 2010

Avoid Buying Fake Lyle and Scott Jumpers Online

With over 130 years of tailoring tradition behind it, the brand we all know and love as Lyle and Scott have burst out of Scotland to become one of the worlds best known men’s designer labels. Famous for its Lyle and Scott jumpers, polo shirts and now even pumps and jackets the demand for this brand has soared over the last few years as it has re-established itself at the forefront of men’s designer clothing.

However, with great popularity comes a temptation to imitate, and inevitably various websites have emerged selling fake Lyle and Scott jumpers that have tarnished the name of other legitimate online retailers. If you are looking to buy a Lyle and Scott online there are however a few tell tale signs that can help you spot if the shop and product is bogus.

Firstly, consider the price of the garment. Lyle and Scott have established a policy whereby they will not discount one particular style within a line without offering reduced rates on the whole line of products. Therefore put simply, if other stores and other lines within that season of Lyle and Scott clothing have not been reduced in price, there is a possibility that the product may be fake. Also, check out the legitimacy of a retailer by reading reviews of their products and services on independent men’s fashion blogs and websites. Checking out the official Lyle and Scott brand website may also help you identify licensed retailers both on the high street and online.

When checking if a Lyle and Scott jumper is real or fake you can also see some giveaway signs on the garment itself. If the famous golden eagle logo so synonymous with the brand’s vintage jumper range is not a separate and independently created piece that has then been stitched directly onto the jumper then the item is most likely fake. By taking the time to check the interior of the jumper you should be able to identify this easily enough (although you obviously cannot do this when buying online). Also, the quality of the material from which Lyle and Scott jumpers are made clearly should stand out from other cheap imitations, as the brand are famous for their use of quality materials in their men’s designer clothing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Classic Style with Lyle and Scott Argyle Jumpers

If you are looking for a line of men’s fashion wear that offers timeless style and class but that is also practical and warm for you to wear during the winter months then look no further than the new argyle design Lyle and Scott Jumpers. As part of the brands brand new 2010 winter range, they have launched a number of vintage sweaters that draw on the classic argyle check design that have so often been associated with fellow golf course fashion favorite Pringle.

Both comfortable and warming, the latest Lyle and Scott Jumpers similarly set out to achieve a classic style that can be worn in numerous different social situations whether it be on the golf links or on a night out in town. Adorned with the classic golden eagle crest that has become synonymous with Lyle and Scott’s vintage range, the latest argyle sweaters are set to be a big hit in the world of men’s designer fashion in both shops and online during the run up to Christmas

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barbour quilted Jackets Still the Must Have Winter Menswear

When it comes to keeping warm whether it be out and about in town, taking a autumnal stroll in the countryside or making sure you are wrapped up warm on those wind whipped terraces, Barbour are set to steal the show when it comes to men’s designer winter wear during 2010. The timeless style that has become so regularly associated with Barbour’s selection of men’s quilted jackets has been a look that has established itself long ago here in the UK - but perhaps this year more than ever it seems the brand is set to steamroll its way into becoming the season’s real major player when it comes to warm and comforting winter jackets for men.

As you would except from such an established name in the realm of men’s designer clothing, Barbour are proudly showcasing a range of men’s outerwear this winter that not only offer style that cannot be matched in its type - but also a practical solution for men who are seeking a warm winter garment that can be worn in a wide variety of social situations. Barbour jackets are synonymous with British men’s fashion - and with another cold winter ahead it seems certain that the Barbour brand’s 2010 collection will prove to be no exception.