Sunday, February 27, 2011

Humor Jeans Sales Set to Rise in 2011

As I have previously highlighted on this blog, the last couple of years have heralded the emergence and growth in some fantastic new designer jeans labels including Nudie and Edwin as well as a resurgence for some classic brands like Levis and Lee Cooper. Hot on the trail of these fantastic denim lines is the Danish brand Humor.

     The Humor brand takes its inspiration for its jean designs, colours, styles and cuts from urban electronic music and the lifestyles of inner city men who enjoy it - and they have burst onto the mens fashion scene with some aplomb in 2010. Humor's fashion philosophy claims they are seeking to incorporate styling elements from workwear, sports clothing and classic club fashion - as well as the streetwear of some of the worlds greatest fashion centres: London, Tokyo, New York and Berlin.
     Perhaps the most popular line of jeans that the brand has produced is the Humor Santiago jeans. Standing out from many other lines of designer mens jeans, Humor Santiago jeans sport a distinctive low crotch and carrot fit - giving them a style all of their own in the world of mens designer clothing.