Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Traditional Men’s Styles - Still in Vogue

If there is one thing that you can always expect in the fashion industry today, it is the concept of change.  No industry is trendier and more designer brand conscious and driven then that of fashion.  Worldwide, it is a multi-billion dollar segment of society evidenced by the numerous big name department and clothing stores found in most countries.  On the other hand, traditional clothing styles are still in vogue and never seem to go out of style.  This is especially true with men’s fashions and there are a number of styles that still prove to be tried and true as well as still being acceptable regardless of what the fashion industry is doing overall.

English Country Gentlemen Fashion

If there was ever a clothing style in the UK that was influenced by the English and Welsh Gentry, it would have to be that which is referred to as English country gentleman fashion.  In a sense it is a cross between clothing worn by the gentry as well as the city dweller’s recreational wear.  Brogues are still the preferred footwear while the quintessential cloth that is still in vogue is Tweed.  Ironically, both of these styles are Scottish in origin so the terminology is somewhat of a misnomer.  The terminology “British Country” would therefore be more appropriate.

The English country gentleman typically wears a 3 or 4-piece tweed suit, a cotton tattersall or check shirt, silk or woollen tie, and of course, the Brogues.  You can normally search the internet for Boden Discount Codes or Boden Discount Vouchers for these men’s fashions.  Additionally, you have three common options for the purchase of your suit including:

o    Bespoke – custom-made garments that are patterned and made entirely according to the measurements of the consumer
o    Made-to-Measure – a pre-made garment is modified according to the measurements of the buyer but the fabrics and options are more limited
o    Ready-to-Wear – also known as “off-the-rack” clothing, this is by far the most affordable option

Another fairly common English country gentleman fashion is the “lounge suit” which is a commonly popular Western clothing style although it originated as country apparel here in the UK.

Current Variations on a Traditional Theme

In addition to the English country gentleman fashion, there are a number of current variations on a traditional theme that you will find fairly regularly in the UK.  Although we did mention the lounge suit in the section above, this is often considered a variation to the traditional theme.  Some of the other variations to be aware of where the British country fashion is concerned are to substitute the Brogues are Chelsea and/or chukka boots to go with that suit.

The suit could also be replaced with a tweed sportscoat (jacket) that is a single vented one and is either a single button or 3-button front.  The accompanying trousers should be manufactured from cavalry twill, chino, corduroy, or moleskin.  Interestingly enough, you can find variations on a traditional theme throughout Europe and other locations around the world.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Men’s Designer Quilted Jackets for Winter 2010

One of the hottest products at the moment in the world of men’s designer clothing seems to be the quilted jacket – and for me it seems pretty clear why they are proving so popular in the world of men’s fashion this season. Not only are these bad boys a great way of keeping warm during the seemingly never ending freezing temperatures that have plagued us this winter, but you’ll also look the business whether its on the football terraces, out Christmas shopping with the missus, or taking a nice winter stroll.

Barbour remains the big brand name when it comes to men’s designer quilted jackets, but I’ve also seen some great lines from the likes of Peter Werth, Lyle and Scott, CP Company and even the humble high street shops such as Primark have a few nice quilted jackets at an incredibly cheap price. So ladies, if you are reading this and struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your fella look no further than a quilted jacket to keep him warm this winter!