Friday, December 23, 2011

Top 6 Fashion Mistakes Made By Men

While girls may pay great attention to their makeup by using brands like Maybelline and many others, guys often need to take better care about how they dress - as this is a key thing that best defines their personality, at least when it comes to first impressions.

Summer is the time when you wear the least number of clothes - but still there are many men who will make fashion mistakes. Even the heat does not prevent them from wearing too many clothes and getting all hot and sweaty. Given below are the biggest fashion sins and their solutions that you can avoid this summer:

1. Shoes And Socks with Shorts

It is okay if you wrap your feet in both shoes and socks in winter. But why should you do the same in summer? Stop wearing socks and wear sandals or boat shoes (without socks!) They will not only let your feet breathe but will also look good.

Don’t change over to flip-flops just because you want your feet open to the air. They are good for a walk to the beach but when you are going out, wear sandals that are made of leather and have simple criss-cross patterns as they are much more comfortable.

2. Wearing The Multi-Pocketed Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts were the flavor last season. Their sagging pockets have not made them very popular this year. Instead, choose khakis, slim cut jeans or shorts that have bold plaids on them for patterns. These patterns and clothes for summer look good and cool. They keep away the heat and are comfortable. Just a word of caution! Make sure that your shorts are about 2 inches above your knees.

3. Using Strong Cologne And Perfumes

Strong colognes are for winter. When used in summer, they are unbearable and big fashion sin. Use something light with citrus notes that remind you of sunshine and water.

4. Tank Tops

Tank tops look good on women but on men, they are best worn as undershirt. Unless, you want to look like a weight lifter, do not wear it with your jeans. If you are feeling the heat, then wear a polo shirt or a T-shirt.

5. Wearing Baggy Broad Shorts

These are a thing of the past and are best packed away till they come back into fashion. For now, your swimwear should not be baggy or fall below the knees. Wear form-fitting shorts that look like your regular shorts. They should be slim and just above the knees.

6. Using Wraparound Shades

Sunglasses are essential summer wear but why would you want to wear wrap-around sunshades? They are good when you are involved in some sports but for regular use, wear aviators or other shades that reflect your style. Keep trying sunglasses till you find the right one for you.

Enjoy the summer months to the hilt. They are too short to make mistakes and regret them. Just remember to keep away from tank tops and wraparound sunglasses!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grenson Shoes: The Ultimate Range of Mens Designer Brogues & Boots

If you are looking for a range of men’s designer shoes that offers style, quality of build, luxury and comfort then look no further than the latest range from Grenson. This long established brand has emerged from Northampton in the UK and subsequently launched itself into the forefront of men’s fashion over the last few years with their stunning range of men’s designer brogues – with the tan coloured Grenson “Archie” and Grenson “Stanley” models proving extremely popular this season.

The brand also do some very stylish men’s designer boots which are perfect to combat the cold, rain and snow during the winter season - and could also therefore make a perfect gift this xmas. The Grenson “Sharp” and Grenson “Fred” boots like the brand’s brogues are made from extremely high quality calf leather – and are superbly stylish and comfortable to wear in the current cold and wintery conditions.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mens Penfield Jackets: The Perfect Winter Warmer

During the winter month's its perhaps not surprising that rugged outdoor fashion brands come into their own, and in this regard Penfield is no exception.  First established in Massachusetts in 1975, the Penfield brand has emerged initially out of necessity - anyone who has visited this part of America will tell you that due to the climatic conditions during winter the need for outerwear that provides, warmth, durability and protection from the rain and snow is all but an essential.

     Since its initial conception however the brand has gradually established itself in the mens designer clothing market on the back of a fantastic range of winter coats and jackets, in addition to other winter warmers such as fleeces and jumpers - all of which are essential purchases for the stylish young man to survive the winter months.

     The last year or two has also seen the brand  break into many of the leading mens fashion stores here in the UK - and with a selection of stylish quilted and down stuffed jackets and sleeveless body warmers available to buy now they are a great fashion item to help you survive the frozen wastelands of Blighty this December. This season's mens Penfield jackets also feature some nice details like fleece lined pockets to keep your hands warm and comfy when out and about, plus leather "shooting" shoulder patches which are very popular in designer mens jackets and jumpers during winter 2011.