Monday, April 19, 2010

Adidas Announces Renewed Clothing Partnership with NBA

Adidas has for years been one of the leading names in men’s sports clothing and casual fashion wear. Already associated with many of the world top professional sports men and women, it seems the brand has now gone from strength to strength by announcing a renewed partnership with the NBA. America’s professional national basketball governing body has agreed a licensing deal with the clothing giant to allow them to all clothing and apparel in the continent of Europe for the 2010 to 2011 basketball season. Ranging from replica team jerseys - so popular with the stylish hip hop crowd - to more practical sports wear, the latest Adidas range is set to be rolled out alongside the clothing giant’s extensive range of basketball trainers, boots and footwear. The deal is a critical part of the marketing strategy not only for Adidas as a leading clothing brand, but also for the NBA itself as it looks to expand its horizons with league fixtures taking place across European countries.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Look the Part this Summer in Original Penguin Polo Shirts

What a fantastic weekend of weather we’ve had here in England - and lets be positive and remember that its not even over yet! Before you even think about that dreaded Monday morning and the “W” word, make sure you get out yourself and amongst it this afternoon in a nice sunny beer garden near you. There really is no better feeling than slipping into some nice short sleeves and soaking up the sun - and for the summer months what better way to chill out down the park or meet your mates down at the local boozer than in some retro style Original Penguin polo shirts? This brand has really come back in a big way over the last 12 months or so - and although your dad probably wore them back in the 70s - Original Penguin as a designer brand is back on the high street in a big way. Check out the latest selection online or in a designer store near you - you’ll be blown away by their latest products - particularly some of the cotton polos in their latest summer range which are undeniably of a real cool retro style and made with some high quality fabrics.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Levis Relaunch Regent Street Store at Heart of London’s West End

Levis - one of the world’s most famous names in mens denim clothing has announced the relaunch of its Regent Street store at the very heart of London’s fashion shopping hub. The brand see the city as a pivotal part of setting their fashion trend and developing their brand in Europe, and set in the heart of London’s trendy West End the store provides a superb platform from which the brand can showcase its latest ranges of what has become a timeless classic in the world of mens jeans. The store although set to continue to unveil the latest designs from the Levis denim range is also showcasing an impressive 22 different colour washes of the Levis classic button up jean – the Levis 501 range. The redesigned and re crafted store on regent Street will surely see the world’s most widely recognised brand of jeans reach new levels in the UK and continue its ongoing trend of excellence in the world of mens and womens designer denim.

Look Cool on the Terraces with Luke 1977 Jackets

Luke 1977 is arguably the hottest mens casual brand name to have emerged out of England over the last 2 years - and their fantastic range of designer clothing designed for the working class English “lad” or “loveable rogue” has been immediately snapped up by football fans in their thousands across the UK. Luke 1977 jackets, hats and scarves are often adorned by fans on the terraces who are on the lookout for the perfect combination of casual style and practicality against the elements. Chief designer for Luke 1977 is Walsall’s own Luke Roper – a graduate of St Martin’s college of design - but who has remained very proud of his Black Country roots – a fact which is very much evident in his cool but often raw mens clothing designs. Luke 1977 polo shirts and jumpers are also popular for young men hanging at the local bar or pub as they offer up a simplistic casual style but with some great little attentions to detail – factors that have helped to make this independent brand name become so popular for fashion conscious young men in the UK.

Relive 80s Madchester in Fashion: Become Part of the Gio Goi Brand Revival

The last couple of years have seen a massive revival for the Gio Goi, brand - with men across the UK once again sporting the many classic lines associated with the company such as casual tracksuit tops and T Shirts – things that had made the brand so great and accessible during its 1980s heyday. Having originally taken its roots from the infamous Madchester rave scene of the 1980’s, Gio Goi soon became an integral part of the style and trend of northern England’s 80s suburban dance culture. More recently worn by band members and fans of both Indie and dance music alike, the brand has created a level of cross appeal in different markets and music scenes not often achieved in the UK market. Gio Goi clothing has been worn by many famous names in Mancunian music such as Oasis star Liam Gallagher and Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder – and more recently by The Libertine’s Pete Docherty (who helped in the design of a line of exclusive limited edition Gio Goi T shirts in late 2006 as part of the following years spring range) and also Sheffield indie superstars The Arctic Monkeys following the revival and relaunch of the brand in 2005.

Get the Classic Biker Look with Belstaff’s Steve McQueen Trialmaster Jacket

Steve McQueen remains one of the world’s most iconic figures not only in the world of films but also in motorbikes and - perhaps not intentionally of his own design – also a highly revered individual in the world of men’s fashion too. Belstaff, (for many years undeniably one of the world leading manufacturers of designer leather jackets) re-released the Steve McQueen Trialmaster jacket back in 2007 as a dedication to the man and the legend that is Steve McQueen. The jacket’s design epitomizes McQueen’s adventurous spirit and lust for life - paying homage to what is surely one of the all time classic biker jacket designs – the Trialmaster is essentially a modern day revival of a model worn by the superstar on a 6 day trial event in Germany during the 1960s. The jacket also utilizes some pretty unique and impressive modern technology integrated into the jacket alongside its classic retro design. The PCM fabric is sensitive to the body temperature of the wearer – thereby becoming warmer when the body becomes colder and vice versa.