Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Complete the Look with Designer Accessories for Men

In the world of fashion it is probably fair to say that when considering the term “accessories” this tends to be something that is widely considered on the whole, an area of the clothing industry that is by and large predominantly associated with women’s wear , with items such as jewellery, hair accessories, designer handbags, purses and the like all regularly a focus of discussion - and indeed in many instances a “hot topic” - on online fashion blogs, as well as in the printed press in countries all over the world.

     But what of fashion and accessories for men I hear you cry? Surely there must be demand for suitable matching designer accessories to compliments men’s clothing too? Well, when it comes to men’s fashion accessories there is indeed now an increasing level of market and demand - and in turn a growing industry of specialist shops and online retailers tailoring their products purely toward the male accessories market and shying away from what is already a massively competitive and largely flooded female accessories marketplace.

     Moodys Worldwide for example, are one such retailer who have opted to specialise purely in a range of accessories for men – with a broad selection of quality leather wallets, smart ties, Mens silk scarves, leather belts, caps and other men’s accessories inspired and popularised by the recent resurgence in gentlemen’s country style clothing. Perfect alongside a quilted jacket, these fine accessories will suit any man looking for a classic country look, even if living in more modernised urban surroundings.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Designer Clothing - Big Brands for Large Men

Larger or taller men can sometimes face big challenges in the smart style stakes as a lot of clothes targeted at those with a bigger build tend to be extremely casual in nature. Jogging bottoms and tracksuit tops, though comfortable, aren't a great style fit for every occasion.

With this in mind, I've been looking at the offerings of Jacamo Menswear this week to try and hone in on pieces that tick the boxes of smart and stylish, yet stay suitable for men of all sizes.

One collection that stood out is the Penguin spring/summer range. Available in sizes up to a 5XL and in longer length options too, Penguin largely concentrate on polo shirts and chinos that are smart enough to pass the pub/club test while staying comfortable. Prices sit around the £50 to £70 mark, making their pieces slightly pricey but still realistic for designer gear. They also design boots and shoes to complement the street smart look.

Penguin clothes perfectly encapsulate the preppy sportswear look that's popular at the moment. The polo shirts and chinos have a touch of the American Ivy League style, but are grown up enough for men in their twenties and beyond to wear.

The brand itself does have its sporty connotations, though with a more gentlemanly nature. Penguin was started by American Abbot Penderson, who was a keen golfer. It's also a brand that has been favoured by some real male fashion icons in the past including Frank Sinatra, Clint Eastwood and Dean Martin - if it's good enough for Ol' Blue Eyes, I'm sure it's good enough for a pint down the pub, a trip to the shops and putting a few holes on the local golf