Friday, August 20, 2010

Denham Set to Be the Next Big Name in Mens Designer Clothing

We’ve been privileged enough to see some great new brand names in emerging in the world of men’s designer jeans over the last few years. Names like Nudie and Edwins have really stepped up to the plate with their innovative jeans designs and the use of cutting edge materials such as Japanese denim. Nudie and Edwins jeans have built their names in the world of fashion by creating ranges of men’s jeans that have brought quality and style to the market that have rivalled even long established brand names like Levis when it comes to jean making. Whether you are a fan of the unwashed raw denim designs or prefer the more distressed “5 year worn” look jean models, there is little doubt that the last few years have heralded a new era in men’s casual fashion wear as jean designers across the globe look to take what is an age old men’s clothing product into a brand new era.

However, this year has seen a new name emerge as a major contender as one of the world top jeans designer: Denham. Formed only last year in 2009, this great new brand name’s key philosophy is all about innovation and experimenting with denim and other materials, seeking to make the best men’s designer jeans that stand out from the crowd. The brands distinctive scissor logo is easily recognisable under close examination but used in cute detail on their products – unlike some labels that emblazon their name on their clothing in rather unsubtle and unnecessary levels. Look out for Denham jeans as a major new name in the world of men’s designer clothing over the next few months.